Rotary Vibrations & Inspection activities

1.    Fan Balancing: Dynamic Balancing Servicing, Impeller Balancing, Dynamic Balancing Of Impeller & Impeller Balancing Services.
2.    Vibration Analysis: Vibration Analysis Services – Equipment, Vibration Analysis Monitoring, Vibration Consultancy  & Vibration Balancer Analysis.
3.    On-site Balancing: Field Balancing Services, On Site Balancing, Field Balancing Completion Site Balancing Services & On Site Balancing Services.
4.    Laser Alignment Services
5.    Vibration Monitoring: Vibration Monitoring – Wireless, Vibration Monitoring System, Loop Powered Vibration Transmitter & Axial Displacement Transmitter..
6.    Rotor Balancing: Dynamic Balancing Services, In House Balancing, Balancing Of Rotor & Rotor Balancing Services.
7.    Vibration Equipment’s: Sound Level Meter, Laser Alignment Instrument & Vibration Meter.
8.    Repairs & Balancing: Decantor Repairs Services, Rotor Repairing & Decantor-Bowl / Scroll Repairing And Balancing.

Underwater Surveys by use of ROV:

1.    Ports: Breakwater Inspection, Jetty Inspection, Wharf Inspection, Riser Inspection, Pre-Dredging Obstacles Survey & Bathymetry.
2.    Shipping: Ship Hull Inspection ( Inspection of Paint loss & Ultrasonic Thickness Mapping), Bio-Fouling Inspection, Ship Propeller Inspection, UWILD (Underwater Inspection in Lieu of Dry Dock) & Ballast Tank Inspection.
3.    Oil & Gas: Fire Water Tank Inspection, Platform Structure Inspection, Single Buoy Mooring Inspection, Submerged Cable Inspection, Submerged Pipeline Inspection, Pipeline Survey & Offshore Installation Support.
4.    Dams: Upstream/Downstream/Tail Race Inspection, Emergency/Service/Sluice Gate Inspection, Reservoir Volume Estimation, Tunnel Inspection, Inspection Support During Repair Works, Pre-Repair Inspection, Post Repair Validation Inspection, River-Bed Profiling/Bathymetry, Dam Construction Support & Dam Rehabilitation Support.
5.    Bridges: Bridge Pier Inspection, Scour Survey & Bathymetry, Concrete NDT*, Marine Growth Cleaning, Well Foundation Survey, Pre & Post Repair Inspection & Inspection Support during repairs.
6.    Desalination / Power: Inspection for Radiation Leak, Thermal Plant Tank Inspection, Water Sump inspection, Seawater Intake/outfall pipeline inspection & Water tank inspection.
7.    Scientific: Environment Monitoring (Toxicity, CTD, Effluent Monitoring, Radiation Mapping), Oceanographic Sampling, Seismic survey & Bathymetry & Archaeological Survey.

Road Survey & Inspection Services

Arrange the following under Road Inspection:

1.    Surface defects detection and roughness measurement using Network Survey Vehicle (NSV)
2.    Pavement strength measurement using Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD).
3.    Bridge inspection using Mobile Bridge Inspection Unit (MBIU).
4.    Road signs inspection using Retro Reflectometer.

Structural Inspection for RCC Structures

Arrange the following tests for RCC Structures Audit:

1.    Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test.
2.    Schmidt Rebound Hammer Test
3.    Chemical Analysis of Concrete.


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