Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Industrial Inspection Services

NMCI can help and arrange world class services in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and Industrial Inspection Services to help you ensure the reliability and safety of your products, equipment, or plant assets.

Following Services can be arranged:

1.    Third Party Inspection and Certification Services
2.    Training/Certification
3.    Overseas and local Manpower Services - Engineer & Field Expertise
4.    Engineering & Design Verification
5.    On stream Inspection/ Remaining Life Assessment
6.    Advance NDT Services: UT ● RT ● MP ● DP ● HT● PEC● UTG● PAUT ● PEC● In-situ Replica Metallography ● HOLIDAY DETECTOR ● HEAT TREATMENTS 
7.    Automated non-destructive testing: PAUT (Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing) & TOFD (Time of Diffraction)
8.    Detection of typical damage: Ultrasonic procedures for HOTHA, SCC, SOHIC, HIC
9.    Non-Destructive testing for aboveground storage tanks: Floor Scanner for the bottom, Dimensional check – verticality & UT testing for shell by magnetic crawler.
10. Heat exchanger tubes inspection: Eddy Currents, Remote Field & MFL – Magnetic Flux Leakage.
11. NDT – Surface, Volumetric Non - Destructive Testing: Radiographic testing gamma / x-ray, Visual Testing VT, Magnetic particle inspection MT, Penetrant testing PT, Ultrasonic testing UT, Leak testing LT, Hardness testing, Portable parent material identification MPI, Alternating current felt measurement ACFM & Metallographic replicas.
12. Pipping Inspection: Long range guided wave inspection.
13. Pulse eddy current testing: Insulated pipeline (cold/hot), Insulated piping & Insulated process equipment.
14. Form 11 Certifications for lifting tools and tackles.
15. Form 13 – Factory Inspection Certifications.


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