Vision and Mission

Our Vision is to be The Best-In-Class Service provider to all our clients around the world.

Our Vision

Our core competency in Survey, Inspection and all other fields of business that we do are constantly being improvised in order to achieve our Vision.

Our track record showing controlled but rapid growth is a clear statement that we are well in our way to achieve this vision.

In NMCI, we:

  1. act with honesty, integrity and respect;
  2. deliver services with excellence;
  3. continuously work on improving process and performance;
  4. motivate customer-oriented employees

Our Mission is

  1. To be the preferred service provider to our existing and potential clients. We will achieve this by seamless delivery of our services to each and every client.
  2. To be the desired employer to all our employees, where employees feel that they are part of a mission to improve the lot of themselves and the Company as a whole. . We will achieve this mission by taking care of all our employee needs and upgrading them.
  3. To be deliverer of value to the shareholders.

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